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SEO Marketing Solutions – Do you make these 10 Common SEO Marketing Solutions Mistakes?

SEO Marketing Solutions – Do you make these 10 Common SEO Marketing Solutions Mistakes?

There are so many SEO marketing solutions out today; it is hard to tell the wheat from the chaff until too much money has been spent for too little results. Self education is essential to finding the best SEO solution, so that a business may properly vet an SEO company before spending the entire digital marketing budget on them.

Below are questions that should be asked ask both internally and to any SEO company being considered, in order to make sure that the business campaign is not falling prey to the common mistakes that plague so many unsuccessful marketing efforts.

Ten SEO Marketing Solutions to Avoid

1. Unrealistic expectation. Cheap SEO companies are marketing SEO solutions as speed rather than a campaign for building a long term online reputation.

2. Too broad of a campaign. The best search engine optimization campaigns are niche focused. With the advent of the niche verse, the 80/20 rule is more in effect now than ever.

3. Spending too much money on keywords, but not optimizing the web site. Affordable SEO may find the right keywords, but web sites must be both functional and look great to attract and convert traffic.

4. Taking the competition lightly. Once a niche has been found and the web site optimized, the next mistake is to realize that the competition is changing the landscape in real time.

5. Not engaging the community or relying too much on the techies. Today’s version of customer service means a personal online touch in the form of a blog or customer service email. People still want a personal touch.

6. Lack of expertise. Make sure your audience sees you as an expert.

7. Offline integration. Online marketing translates into sales only if the offline campaign is coordinated.

8. Spamming Search Engines. Have faith in content. Stay away from underhanded techniques.

9. Flash based Web Site. Flash contents are mostly impossible to craw by Search Engine Bots so it’s a good idea to avoid using flash if web site optimization is a requirement.

10. Bad link exchanges. Not all link exchanges are good for web site optimization. Link so it is advisable to watch out for those linking to your web site.

Too many SEO marketing campaigns fail because people fail to incorporate the personal touch in with the technical aspects. The business will keep its edge by making technology work for the business, not the other way around. Make sure the campaign keeps local SEO at the heart of the marketing, because audiences are more niche oriented than ever.

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